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Wrist Seals - Neoprene - Large (2)

Price: $90.00
Part Number: 01-C026
Two large neoprene wrist seals. Does not include the O rings to attach to the sleeve cuff.

To build an entire sleeve kit, you will need two sleeves, two cuffs and two sleeve O rings. (See Related Products)

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Cuff (1u)
Price: $50.00
Part Number: 01-C022
Cuff (1u)
Standard cuff for all Whitley Workstation sleeves. Fits both latex and neoprene sleeves, one size fits all.
Sleeve - Polyurethane
Price: $170.00
Part Number: 01-C021
Sleeve - Polyurethane
Please note that this item is just the sleeve without the cuff or the wrist seals. This product is used to replace sleeves in an existing sleeve assembly.
Drylube Lubricating Powder
Price: $40.00
Part Number: 01-C002
Drylube Lubricating Powder
O Rings for Sleeve (Set of 2)
Price: $72.00
Part Number: 01-P006B
O Rings for Sleeve (Set of 2)
Use this O ring to attach a sleeve to the Whitley Workstation standard porthole.
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