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Lab Blender Bags, Box of 1000 400 mL Poly Silk HD No Filter

Price: $159.00
Part Number: 36-C0005


BagLight is a sterile blender bag perfect for all microbiological analyses.  It is the standard blender bag for all analyses not requiring filtration.

- Perfect for a variety of uses in labs; such as sampling, transportation, homogenizing, storage and waste disposal
- Offers great value with excellent quality
- Sterile, approved for food contact
- No Risk of cross contamination
- Compatible with any lab blender
- Multilayer© reinforced complex with reinforced weldings
- PolySilk© polyolefin complex
- Resistant to freezing and high temperatures: from -40ºC to +80ºC, can be deep frozen
- Can be closed with a bag clip or heat sealed

Designed for easy labeling with high density PolySilk©.   Sterile blender bag with no filter for all microbiological uses in labs.  BagLight HD PolySilk© is easy to write on, useful for lab annotations. It is rigid, matte, and slightly opaque. 

400 mL bags, 1000 sterile bags per box.

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